Is DLI (Daily Light Sums) Important?

Today’s refined indoor growers work effortlessly to closely manage and manipulate DLI(Daily Light Sums) to maximise crop quality and yield.

DLI, or daily light integral, may be a live of the amount of photons that fall on the plant cover over a 24-hour amount. measure the sunshine plants receive at any explicit moment in time isn’t a real measuring of the sunshine received by the plants — it’s a live of the lights the plants square measure receiving at that instant. it would not, however, offer associate degree correct analysis of the full quantity of sunshine received by the plants over the course of on a daily basis.

DLI includes a profound impact on plant growth and development for primarily all crops. consistent with university, “More than the other environmental variable, the full add of sunshine received by the plants in an exceedingly 24-hour amount determines the speed that the plants grow and so the number of turn out out there available.”

Plant quality typically will increase because the average DLI will increase. especially, because the DLI will increase, branching, rooting, stem thickness and flower variety increase and generally plant height decreases.

How does one calculate DLI?


It’s PPFD x hours x zero.0036 = DLI.

Daily light integral is expressed as moles of sunshine (mol) per square metre (m−2) per day (d−1), or: mol·m−2·d−1 (moles per day).

Once they knowledge to calculate or live DLI, savvy growers structure their grow’s DLI supported 2 vital criteria:

Particular plant species needs
Even though LED lights square measure way more energy-efficient than different forms of lighting, sensible growers scale back their electrical prices even any by running their LED grow lights at a time once electricity rates square measure lowest, typically at nighttime. consult with your energy supplier to check kw/H rates over a 24-hour amount. Plants don’t care once in an exceedingly 24-hour-period they get their light, even as long as they get their needed DLI.

What DLI is required to grow high-quality transplants and end plants? every plant species has its own special wants, however typically, providing eight to ten moles per meter square per day throughout propagation is spare. Some exceptions exist; shade crops like African violets and liliopsid genus orchids grow well underneath a median DLI of 4-6 mol·m-2·d-1. additionally, some crops flower earlier once big underneath a high DLI compared to an occasional DLI. analysis your explicit crop to find out regarding its specific wants.

You can live DLI employing a light detector, ideally a quantum detector, that may be hooked up to associate degree desegregation device that’s capable of recording the sunshine measuring on a collection interval, for instance, every hour. This instrumentality is commercially out there.