How to decrease the cost of growing area?

How to balance a high level of potency and keep labor & energy prices low?
The cost of growing area may be a vital investment for growers. perpetually having to shuffle trays around a greenhouse isn’t solely inefficient however will have a negative impact and quite probably compromise the standard and yield of a growers production. a real challenge for many growers is to balance a high level of potencywhereas keeping labor & energy prices low.

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This was the rationale for IES to develop their crystal rectifier pharos. Its specially designed for the farmer that’s wanting to maximise his plug quality and production. It options adjustable controls over eachintensity and power, giving growers the flexibleness to hurry up or curtail their production.

The pharos, together with the quantity of LED Tubes, are often absolutely tailored to fulfill the wants of any shelf or rack specifications. the sunshine bars also are absolutely height adjustable together withswivel practicality to confirm the right coverage.
The IES Lighthouse really maximizes growing area. Capable of housing fifteen,000 to 25,000 plugs (crop dependent) in but fifteen sq. feet of greenhouse production floor area, it’s a good area and energy saver for any propagator.
“The lighthouse has well-tried light recipes and is that the best thanks to make sure that plugs have an honest begin with sturdy healthy roots whereas maximising overall quality and yield”, same Justin Van der Putten of IES. “These options combined with its extraordinarily low power consumption makes the Newluxcrystal rectifier pharos the right answer for all propagators.”

traditional greenhouse

The manner that we have a tendency to accustomed do things

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The IES grow light new way
Immediate Benefits:
Space Saver
Energy Savings
More uniform & higher quality plugs = Improved quality plugs
More homogeneity over light-weight coverage, light-weight management and humidness levels.
Greater potency