Definations of Grow light Specification Technique

Definitions of every of the 5 specification techniques:

Radiant PAR Wattage: the particular light power created in the PAR(
Photosynthetically Active Radation

PPF: chemical change gauge boson Flux expressed in μMol/S is that the actual range of photons created per second within the PAR region.

Photopic Lumen: Nearly useless for plant lighting, however it’s thus usually used we tend to felt it vital simply to indicate however dishonest it is compared to the opposite valuations. Lumens square measure light power values for human vision expressed in units that are corrected to the CIE accepted conversions per the photopic luminousness perform for the desired wavelength bandwidths. Whereas Lumens square measure usually such as for plant lights, this specification ought to never be employed in creating a choice on plant lighting because it may be a strict relevancy however humans see light.

Yield PPF: the sunshine power values inside the PAR region shown in uMol/S that are adjusted to the DIN normal 5031-10 sensitivity curve.

Yield PAR Watts to DIN 5031-10: These values square measure actual bright watts adjusted to the DIN normal 5031-10 absorption sensitivity. whereas the bright PAR Watt is associate degree indicator of actual light-weight power created within the PAR region, the Yield PAR Watt is associate degree indicator of what the plant ought to be able to really absorb underneath ideal conditions.

Definitions of the Varied parameters used for the 5 specification techniques:

Absolute Values: These square measure the particular values for the lamp electric power rating shown for every of the five outlined classes.

400-520 (V): These are the absolute values for the Vegetative (V) region (400 to 520 nm) only.

520-610 (C): These are the absolute the values for the Carotenoid (C) region (520 to 610 nm) only.

610-700 (F): These are the absolute the values for the Flowering (F) region (610 to 700 nm) only.

Total 400-700: These are the absolute the values for the whole PAR region (400 to 700 nm) only.

Efficiencies: These square measure the whole values factored on a per Watt consumed basis. This price typically represents associate degree overall potency rating for every lamp technology for every of the five styles of measurements and may be compared one to at least one since they need all been adjusted for consumed electric power.

Percentages: These square measure the proportion jailbreak of every of the three regions V, C, and F to the whole. The values is accustomed create one to at least one comparisons of the various lamp technologies for every of the five measuring techniques.

Both CMH and Plasma have a degree of intensity that’s emitted outside of the outlined PAR region of four hundred to 700 nm. This will end in lower values within the PAR region. this can be simply an evidence ought to there be any curiosity of those lower values, however they’re valid.
Since led lamp styles will vary wide we tend to selected a lamp that described the fairly typical of the Blue/Red combos seen.