• LED Mainlighting 200w

    200w led mainlight
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LED Mainlight 200w

Application Area: Propagation, Vegetable Cultivation, Flower Cultivation, House Plant,etc

In the field of plant lighting, IES LED mainlighting was used for replacing high pressure sodium lamp 500w.

I has the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency.

IES provide the optimal solutionfor plant illumination by combining the toplighting.

LED Mainlight Specification
Input Voltage100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Input Wattage200w
Peak WavelengthBlue: 450nm
Red: 651nm
PPF360 μmol/s
Photosynethetic Radial Flux62270 mw
PAR224.76 μmol/(㎡*s)/0.6m
139.8 μmol/(㎡*s)/0.8m
95.12 μmol/(㎡*s)/1.0m
Irradiated Area1.6 ㎡/ 1.0m
8.5 ㎡/ 3.0m
20.22 ㎡/5.0m
Work Tempretature-4~113°F
Work Humidity45~95% RH
Lifetime25,000 H
IP GradeIP 65 waterproof