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    120w led toplight
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LED Toplight 120w

Application Area: Vegetable Cultivation, Flower Cultivation, Urban Agriculture and Shed Light,etc

LED Toplighting produces significantly less heat, especially less radiation heat, than conventional HPS lamps, so you can adjust light and temperature more independently. This lets you control your greenhouse climate more precisely and grow better crops, faster, year-round.

Less heat gives you more flexibilty to use light more effectively, for example by increasing light levels, extending lighting periods, or by using light on warmer days without having to ventilate.

Less heat also means you can place the light source closer to your plants to reduce light loss = so close in fact that ou can now use toplighting even in low-ceiling greenhouse.

LED Toplight Specification
Input Voltage100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Input Wattage120w
Peak WavelengthBlue: 450nm
Red: 651nm
PPF195 μmol/s
Photosynethetic Radial Flux27060 mw
PAR107.36 μmol/(㎡*s)/0.6m
80.61 μmol/(㎡*s)/0.8m
50.72 μmol/(㎡*s)/1.0m
Irradiated Area0.77 ㎡/0.6m
1.93 ㎡/0.8m
3.22 ㎡/1.0m
Work Tempretature-4~113°F
Work Humidity45~95% RH
Lifetime25,000 H
IP GradeIP 65 waterproof